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You Need This! Adjustable Multi-Directional and Positional Patio Heater Reflector Shield

Tired of your patio heater not generating enough heat? Maybe it's not the fault of the heater, but instead you just need this add on accessory. It's adjustable like no other. You adjust on demand to direct and focus the heat in the direction you desire. Adjust frontward, rearward, or a little of both. You will immediately notice the difference, guaranteed! No more wasted heat rising up into the atmosphere, on walls bushes or unoccupied areas. Instead, the radiated heat will be directed and focused toward you on your outdoor patio, deck or balcony. Install The Patio Heat Director on to an existing round full size patio heater. And if you are looking to buy a new outside patio or garden heater, you will want to add this accessory to that patio heat lamp too! An additional bonus is that you will use less propane or natural gas, be more environmentally friendly, and you will save money with less trips to fill that propane tank. Your guests will love the extra warmth too. Don't be fooled by cheaper models that have no adjustment capability. This it the original, with patent and patent pending adjustability features like no other.


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