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Do Add-On Patio Heater Reflector Shields Really Work? YES!

So which one to choose? Low Cost, Higher Cost, Stationary, or Adjustable. The answer is simple.

Sure, you can purchase these reflectors as low as $20 but you definitely get what you pay for... a hanging ugly piece of metal dangling from your patio heater. You will have to remove it when it is windy, and only allows heat to go in one direction.

Or, you can buy the best in every way, The Patio Heat Director. The only true ADJUSTABLE Patio Heater Reflector Shield. The highest quality, the most features, and all parts are guaranteed to last over time. It's the only attractive reflector, because of its smooth parabolic shape. It's the only reflector that allows you to move it by adjusting it up and down from horizontal to vertical. It's the only reflector that you can adjust upward and out of your way when not in use, so it is not an eyesore.

The verdict is in. The Patio Heat Director, Adjustable Patio Heater Reflector Shield, is your best choice and only available on Amazon.

The below image shows the new "Side" adjustment system. We also have a rear adjustment system. Look for both on

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